Reward & Recognition


Engagement at Ceridian is a Business essential. We greatly value our people and trust their skills and competences. We believe in the difference they can make in the company. We not only recognise people for their performance but also for what they are and who they are.

The Reward and Recognition programmes at Ceridian:

Working at Ceridian does not just mean that you come to work and get paid at the end of the month. You deserve more than that. You are part of the Ceridian family and we recognise your work and attitudes. These are few reward and recognition programmes that we offer:

I am the difference Award

This is a monthly award where employees can be nominated based on the different criteria such as: inculcating Ceridian core values, performing outstandingly and working beyond expectation.

Making great happen – Champions Award

This is a quarterly award where employees can be nominated based on significant and sustained performance toward alignment with our customers, purpose and values.

Val U

Recognition at the individual level is powerful, and Ceridian employees have frequent opportunities to show instant appreciation to each other. Our company values are core to all we do and a common thread that runs through each of the reward and recognition programs.

Manager Award

A manager directly contributes to the engagement level in a company. We trust in them to promote and encourage a culture of engagement. We reward managers that bring such a fabulous touch to the success of the company.

President’s Circle

This the premier annual award program to recognize employees who have contributed significantly to the company through sustained performance excellence throughout the year and who model the Ceridian Core Values.