Provided on this page are some interview tips which will help you to prepare for your interview with us.

Knowledge is power

Take some time to learn about the company and its operations. Find out more information regarding the vacancies you have applied for and attempt to identify what key skills and abilities we may be looking for.

Why not brush-up on your technical skills? Ensure that you know your stuff and wow us during your interview.

Punctuality is the key

It is always good to arrive for an interview atleast 10 to 15 minutes before it begins. Make a good impression by being punctual for your interview.

In the event that for some unforeseen circumstances you will be late for your interview, contact our HR team and let us know. Its best to inform us of your lateness than to say nothing at all.

Dress to impress

Look smart and be proud. Make sure that you are smartly dressed and well groomed for the occasion. You will feel more confident in yourself by doing so.

Be positive and sell yourself

Smile and be positive. Try to be relaxed and upbeat. Show enthusiasm and energy during your interview and demonstrate to us how much you really want to be a part of our team.

Listen before you leap

Listen to every question being asked by the interviewer and answer them directly. Ask the interviewer to restate the question if you are confused or did not hear it.

Fit for the job

Whenever possible, give examples of how your skills and abilities would fit the job. When given the opportunity, why not ask us questions about the vacancy. Asking questions shows that the candidate has a genuine interest in the company.

Short is sweet

Refrain from controlling the conversation. Do not diverge from the topic of discussion and ensure that you answer the question being asked to the best of your ability. Allow the interviewer to ask all their questions.