The difference at the Ceridian Learning Centre is that we believe in YOU!

We firmly believe that providing YOU with training and learning solutions is the way forward in shaping a workforce that will “Make Great Happen”. We offer a comprehensive range of quality and cost effective courses – built around innovation, productivity, reliability and flexibility – that will tap into your raw potential.

Launched in 2010, the Ceridian Learning Centre is a MQA registered training centre; it is the product of Ceridian’s belief in Mauritius’ human potential. We are positioned as the IT Centre of Excellence to build a pool of global professionals and to cater for the manpower needs of the ICT industry and the services sector in Mauritius and the region.

The mismatch between academia and industry requirements in the ICT sector was identified as the biggest challenge in making the ICT sector a major pillar of the economy. The Ceridian Learning Centre is consistent with the government’s vision to consolidate the ICT sector into a key pillar of the economy.

We provide highly innovative tools and features to develop individual skills, transform talent through re-skilling, re-deployment and enhanced competencies, which will give a cutting edge to your organization with a high retentive value of flexible and motivated personnel.

All our training programs on offer are MQA approved and to date, over 3000 students have been trained at the Ceridian Learning Centre.