Career Pathing

Routine work does not suit the retention strategy of Ceridian.  As such, we push our colleagues towards their likely chosen career path. They are given advice based on their qualifications and future aspirations.  The purpose of doing so is to push our employees towards their professional goals. Through career counselling, employees get the opportunity to self-evaluate themselves with regards to their talents, abilities and interests.

Career path is a professional journey where together with the employee; we assess the training needs, the education level and of course in building the work related experiences. We make sure that the employee understands the requirement to move to the next level and what are the skills and competencies needed.  It is a decision that the employee can take and will need to set long term goals and there should be a willingness to learn. Advice is not enough and to support the implementation of the career path, we use our performance management system, which is an excellent tool for monitoring, for objectives settings and polish our personal development plan to make things happen.

Whilst doing this assessment, the employee may also take into consideration employees’ family life as well.   It is very important that we work together to achieve better result rather than setting unrealistic targets which can be at the detriments of others.  This forms part of our motivational strategies.

Job Rotation

The way we work in Ceridian depends on the process and projects than the employee is currently working on.  Sometime, once the learning curve is over and the employee is fully confident of being a subject matter expert, the same job and responsibilities become routine and the engagement decreases.

In order to avoid boredom at work, we have work on different ways in order to keep the engagement momentum.  One popular ways of keeping the engagement level at bay is job rotation through cross utilization.

Different processes have different needs and it depends on the volume coming in.  Throughout the year, the there are changes in volumes and this gives us the flexibility to rotate employees in different t processes.   By doing so, the employees received the opportunity to learn new processes and can use his/her skills / knowledge for better efficiency in delivering the service to the customer.  On the other hand, the same concept applies when the employee is returning to the old process.  New strategies learn from job rotation can be an eye opener in improving the process. Job rotation is indeed a fantastic way in developing the competencies of our people further and thereby encouraging them to grow professionally.

International Exposure

We have many of our customers which are based in the UK/ US/ Canada.  As such, when there are new opportunities, we also provide the option to our employees to fly to these countries to transition new projects to Mauritius.  Rather than concentrating only on video conferencing and call conferencing, there is also the aspect on developing a trustworthy relationship between colleagues in different countries and us.  Consequently, when projects are successfully transitioned to Mauritius, our employees are better equipped to provide an excellent service delivery to our customers.

By reinforcing an international exposure culture in Ceridian, our people get to learn different cultures and different ways of doing things.  Such exposure presents as a great motivation for our employees.