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Talent Management

Welfare at Ceridian

How is welfare provided and maintained at Ceridian?

Ceridian located at the heart of Ebene, we offer a sound working environment with fantastic career prospects which will open your door to the world.
We care for each and every employee and ensure that they receive everything they need to begin their journey with us. From personal medical cover to gym membership, we are committed to ensuring that our people are happy and healthy. You will also be entitled to contribute towards our pension scheme.

We offer flexible working and find it important for everyone in our company to have a work / life balance.

  • Ceridian also provides various activities such the annual Sport day, our Famous and well expected End of year party and our Children's Day.
  • These activities are done to in a way strive to improve our employees live, including their mental health, company and workplace relationships.

Find below some pictures related to the three most common activities at Ceridian:
Sport Day 2010

End of year party 2010: We WORK hard & we PLAY hard
Our end of year party not only serves a celebration for New Year or gets together party to enjoy among colleagues but also the occasion for rewarding employees yearly performance and competencies.

Children's Day
Ceridian also organises a Children's day, during Christmas time, whereby employee's families are invited for a whole festive journey starting at the workplace, to show them where their mum or dad and husband or wife is working, showing employees that the company do have concerns for them and their family and ending in parks for fun.
Thus, keeping a good relationship between employer and employees.