talent_fig1In June 2010 we had the visit of the BPO Certification institute (BCI) team from India for the Organization-wide baseline study. It was actually to compile the current state of practices, systems and processes etc. in accordance with BTMQ 10 standards. What is BTMQ 10 and why we need to go through this?

BTMQ-10® is the first and the most comprehensive international credential on Talent Management excellence for BPO enterprises. It is fundamentally an accreditation of a BPO’s existent and functioning’s and organization-wide frameworks for Managing their talent systems and work climates.

Ceridian Mauritius is the first company in the Indian Ocean to be going through this accreditation. We believe that Human Talent is the DIRECT productive resource in our sector; hence Talent Management needs to be accorded a “strategic importance”. Going through this accreditation will help the company to concentrate on the below 10 Talent Management Junctions.

Ceridian……. We have a culture of appreciation.

I am so much more than just another company asset that shows up everyday to do my job. I am a dedicated employee who is respected for the work I do, the initiative I bring and the trust I have among my fellow employees.

I am passionate about what I do and accountable for how it gets done. I feel humbled for being appreciated for my unique qualities, abilities and skills that I bring to the table and relish the challenge to offer fresh thinking to my areas of expertise and responsibilities.

I am thankful to work in a progressive environment that offers me opportunities to succeed and that gives me the confidence to speak my mind and the courage to never hold back. I am an empowered member of a forward-thinking company that strives to make sure our customers are our biggest fans.

I am proud to be a valued Ceridian employee.