Quality in Ceridian

At Ceridian Mauritius, we appreciate that no single quality framework is capable of addressing all the issues, and thus we have adopted a preventive integrated approach.

Ceridian Mauritius has implemented and maintained a business system that addresses requirements of its partners, MS EN ISO 9001:2008, SAS 70, SOX control and applicable laws and regulations. We operate in an efficient and cost effective mode to be more competitive and to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Ceridian Mauritius is an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company and we adopt the system approach for continual improvement.

Figure 1.0 continual improvement of quality Management system

Ceridian Mauritius has also developed and implemented the following Quality Policy:

Quality Policy

Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world class service. Ceridian Mauritius Ltd is committed to continuously improve Quality throughout its activities, and strives to do everything reasonably practicable to supply customers with products and services of the highest quality.

We are committed to the following principles:

  • We will always endeavor to provide the best overall value for our customers;
  • We will uphold the values of Ceridian Mauritius Ltd;
  • We will attempt to continually improve our products and services by:
    • Setting aggressive goals for ourselves at all levels of our organization.
    • Reviewing and improving its processes striving to achieve excellence in meeting our customers’ business needs.
  • We will treat our employees with respect and dignity.

Quality Initiatives in Ceridian

Quality is a critical player when we aim to achieve world class performance. To support this, Ceridian offers training programs on BPMS (Business Process Management System) White Belt, Green Belt, and Lean Six Sigma (Six Standard Deviations from mean). These trainings are designed to provide employees with Process Management knowledge, basic foundation of quality, and advanced knowledge of quality tools.

BPMS is becoming very popular among businesses because it empowers them to define, maintain measure, analyze, and continuously improve their processes


Figure 2.0 Overview of BPMS

Implementation of BPMS in Ceridian business processes has kicked off since August 2008, and the majority of team leaders, also known as ‘BPMS champions’ are trained to work on their respective processes. Team leaders are able to measure and collect process data, which is used for monitoring business activity, reporting process efficiency and bottlenecks, productivity, and other measurements of process performance thus making the process more robust.

Figure 3.0 Overview of DMAIC

Six Sigma methodology (Figure 3) and tools are used in the areas of Process Design, Process Control and Process Improvement to improve the process performance, decreases variation and maintains consistent quality of the process output, thus leading to defect reduction and improvement in profits, product quality and customer satisfaction.