When Ceridian Mauritius Ltd was set up in Mauritius in 2000, our main activities were IT-oriented, servicing the UK market.

In 2003, we expanded our service offerings to the operations sector, and started our first Operations team, serving Ceridian UK customers.
Over the years, Ceridian Mauritius has expanded its BPO Service offerings considerably, but in terms of processes, team size and geographical reach.

Our Services

Today, Ceridian Mauritius Ltd provides a wide array of Payroll and HR-oriented services to our customers worldwide.
Our key offerings are:

  • End-To-End Payroll Processing
  • Human Resource & Payroll Data Capture
  • Payroll Implementation & Setup
  • Tax Services
  • Benefits Processing
  • Cheque Payment services
  • Claims Processing
  • Managed Expenses
  • Employee Assistance: Health & Productivity Solutions
  • Small medium enterprise Payroll Processing
  • Wages Garnishment

Our People

Our operations Arm is currently over 300 strong, and has shown a sustained growth since our first operations started in 2003.


Geographical Coverage

Set up to service the UK market, we have significantly grown since 2003, and we now also provide HR & Payroll services to customers in the USA as well as Canada.



UK Operations

Our main core service delivery is Payroll services for the UK customers. The team in Mauritius process 124,000 payslips per month which include ( weekly/fortnightly& monthly payrolls:



We deliver a full end to end payroll process directly to our customers / Back Office for Managed Customers and Corporate customers. We support & cover UK time for our customers.

In addition to payrolls we also provide the followings services:

  • P11Ds ( 31,000 Return of Statement Benefits) for 250 customers for year 2009/10
  • Manage Expenses for 22 customers with more than 5000 claims / month
  • Yearly P35 filings – Returns of Tax & National Insurance to the Inland Revenue for 1000 customers.
  • Customer support Desk – First call handling queries for the Small Medium Enterprises.


Canada Operations & US Operations


Set up in November 2004; we support the Canadian team in service delivery for payroll changes, Managed HR data entry and Data Reporting.

We support Canada on the following projects:

  • Run-As-Is (RAI): Initiating records to process payrolls that require minimal or no changes.
  • MHR Data Entry: Keying data from vouchers received from Canada.
  • Core Set-up Team (CST): Analysis of existing payrolls prior to changing platforms or products.
  • Data Reporting: Preparing employee scorecards and managers dashboards for Canadian Staffs and Managers.
  • Implementation: Review and set up of Corporate and small Business conversions and new sales.
  • Migration: Conversion of payroll from old products to web-based Powerpay product .
  • Noch: Change in business number, ownership or payroll frequency for different customers. Started to interact with external customers.

US Operation – US Benefits

US Benefits started in September 2008 with 27 employees and in October 2010, the team has grown to 101 employees.
We currently handle the following processes:

  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA): Processing of Health and Dependant Care claims for US Customers (Sub processes: Regular, Card & Transit).
  • Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA): Process of employer-sponsored health insurance claims.
  • Renewals /Configurations: Process of Clients Specs to renew plan years/accounts.
  • COBRA Change: Process of administrative change requests from COBRA clients’ information.
  • Reimbursement Benefits Administration: Process of administrative change requests from FSA clients’ information.

US Operation Tax

US Tax (Conversion process) started in March 2009. We currently handle the following processes:

  • Tax Conversion, CMF (Client Master File) & Triage: Interpretation of Sales contract and activate/Set up all required Tax codes and rates for Federal, State Income Tax, State Unemployment Insurance, Local taxes.
  • Wage Garnishment Administration (WGA): Interpretation of court orders and updates the system with the required details to deduct Garnishment for employees.
  • Tax Inquiry: First quarter analysis of inquiry notices (duplicates, subsequent, not on service, mass issues, informational) from customers and provide required information.