The L &D Department plays a key role to ensure that all support is given to people being trained. We work closely with the managers to ensure that the capability plan is being developed accordingly and that needs are being identified based on performance while following up closely on all trainings that have been authorized for the organisation. Cross functional trainings are being planned so that re-skilling and deployment of workforce is maximized.

The L &D department works in collaboration with the Ceridian Learning Centre to ensure smooth running of the centre and provides hands on leadership in the assessment of training needs, technical training needs, and in implementing and evaluating programs to facilitate continuous learning.

Assessment of Needs

Individual needs are most often identified through the Personal development plan (PDP) and skills matrix, during which individuals discuss training and career development with their managers. Career aspirations, feedback from managers, linkage with overall business and group objectives, and recommended training from the training calendar are covered. These plans are jointly reviewed and agreed upon by both the employee and the supervisor.

Reinforcement of knowledge and skills acquired though training is the responsibility of managers and supervisors through the PDP’s. Both skills and behaviours are identified during the planning stage of the process, and they are reviewed and reinforced by supervisors and managers on a regular basis throughout the year. Training materials and delivery are designed to be as relevant to the requirements of the job as possible.

Delivery and Design of trainings

Ceridian encourages and support colleagues’ efforts to acquire skills and learning required for succeeding in actual or future positions within Ceridian (Mauritius). Ceridian also provides employees with flexible learning opportunities and place the responsibility of learning in the hands of the learner.

At Ceridian, learning and development is driven through many channels.  Through investigation, Ceridian utilises multiple modalities such as the classroom, workplace, blended learning, eLearning, technology support tools, mentoring and coaching, boot camps, on job trainings and co-workers to ensure that people get the right skills at the right time, in the right way, and at the right cost to succeed. All our trainings are MQA Approved and delivered by qualified and industry experts trainers. Appropriate modalities are selected to match specific learning styles, business issues, budgets, and cultures and there are more details on the modalities below:

Face to face training is conducted by the trainer being physically present in the room. This is supported by slide shows and
Some training also have technical support where there are live demonstration through systems and projected on screen through
Live meeting is conducted through MS live meeting platform where the trainee can interact with the trainer directly by having
Self directed training are training which normally sits in a web location and trainees need to access the training materials and
Learning/ acquring skills through the use of online software platforms SaaS

Employee feedback and business assessment processes are used to determine if the content is up to date and if new programs should be developed or sourced. Our trainings are designed around to demonstrate industry knowledge and customer centricity.  One example is our 10-weeks duration UK payroll certification program to which 100 % of our associates working for our UK payroll department are certified as ‘Qualified Payroll Technician’ from UK.

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The learning and development department has actively trained over 90% of employees 2014 and our Ceridian family has afforded us the ability to employ professional coaches to develop leadership techniques, team building and succession planning programs.

Training Evaluation

Training evaluation surveys are used by the Learning and Development department to evaluate the effectiveness of training. Online surveys are sent via survey monkey (an online tool) at the end of all trainings. In addition, Training Impact is also being performed by taking feedback from managers and supervisors about their perception and improved performance. In certain cases, we also measure the effectiveness of training by establishing focus groups of participants to comment on their training experience for continuous improvement activities.

Key Achievements of 2014

In the year 2014, over 13,000hrs of training were delivered; we have closed the year with an average of 19.5hrs of training per employee and 92% of our workforce received at least one training. We have delivered more than 45 different training programmes with the help of our 25 internal part-time trainers.

The L &D department has also partnered with US based firm Carnegie Speech (a first in Mauritius), to deliver CBT voice training, allowing enrolees to be fully autonomous and flexible as to their training schedule. To date, 55 people have been certified by Carnegie Speech (MQA approved) after following an advanced course in English Pronunciation.