By Eric Schuster, Vice President,  Dayforce Product Management at Ceridian.

performance-review-2Last week, I had the chance to talk to several peers within my organization about a new open position. It was an interesting opportunity, and we all agreed that the job was an excellent fit for an internal candidate. This got me wondering, why don’t companies think this way more often?

As it is, performance management today is too backward looking. We tend to reflect on the past, looking at what people accomplished last year, instead of thinking about what people could do in the future. This is something that’s frequently overlooked, and it’s important because it can help us create better, more deeply engaged employees. Managers need to start having these forward-looking discussions with their employees, helping them to consider their career path and seek greater internal opportunities.

With that in mind, the following are three tips for improving performance management and thus better engaging your employees:

Focus on future achievement
Too much of the performance management process today is about what people have done – past tense. Make it more about what they can achieve, and where they want to take their career. Career development requires the employee’s dedication to learn new skills and the supervisor’s commitment to provide opportunities for development. Career growth doesn’t just mean moving up the ladder, but also broadening employees’ skills so that they can take on new responsibilities in their current role.

Create a positive environment
HR needs to create an environment for managers to have that discussion and for employees to be able to act on goals they identify. The process should be relaxed and conversational, and managers should always encourage mobility within the organization. If you use an internal job board, which is one feature of the Dayforce Recruiting platform, that can be one way to start helping employees find that next job with your company.

Keep the conversation going
Discussing people’s growth during performance reviews is great, but that can’t be all. It’s hard to be engaged in something that only happens once a year. We all know how everyone tends to file away their annual performance appraisal and forget it until next year. Employee performance is really something that should be managed on an ongoing basis.

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