Enterprise is the internal support of Ceridian Mauritius. The Finance department, Human Resource and the quality improvement team are the three pillars that support Ceridian in its business objectives.

The finance Department

Mauritius Finance team is a key element for business support. The team looks after purchasing, payables, invoicing, financial metrics, monthly management accounts, forecast and short range plan and provides the business with accurate and timely financial metrics for decision making. The financials are reported to the US but consolidated in the UK books. The finance team aligns and commits to the corporate objectives

The Human Resource Department

Here in Ceridian, we believe in our people. We aim at providing the best services as an employer of choice. At Ceridian HR is not a silo department supporting the organization but rather a dynamic strategic partner seated at the executive level. HR is vigorously involved in all aspects of the associate’s employment experience. Ceridian values firmly cement the organizations commitment to growing, developing and rewarding customer focused people. Ceridian has diligently capitalized on the expertise of best in class international corporations, the experience of its members, collaboration with partners and trial and error. This cumulative knowledge has been used to create strategies, programmes and initiatives that define Ceridian as an employer of choice and enhance the strategic role of the Human Resource Professional. Ceridian utilizes innovative ideas to develop, retain and continuously re-engage employees in performing at their optimal level.

Business improvement group

Business Improvement Group main function is to manage processes through key metrics and drive efficiency and productivity improvement through use of appropriate tools and systems. The team is structured as follows:


Use of six sigma/lean approach to reduce variation and waste (“Non-value added is waste”) Hence, this has as its central goal to segregate waste from value in processes.


Main purpose is to maintain QMS through regular audits aligned with ISO 9001:2008/SAS70 requirements thus providing confidence that the business is operating within a controlled and acceptable environment.


Main Purpose is to provide development and support capability towards automating and enhancing processes.