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Ceridian Women's Network was initially set up in 2008 in Ceridian HQ in Minneapolis, USA under the executive sponsorship of the CFO. The main aim was to empower women to take on more of leadership roles within the company. This Network was then extended to other Ceridian offices of reasonable size in other parts of USA, Canada, UK and Mauritius launched its local Network in October 2009. All Hubs share the same goals and work towards these using a set of established best practices around event management, communication, feedback and reporting.

Goals of Ceridian Women’s Network
Goals of Ceridian Women's Network

The Mauritius Ceridian Women’s Network has organised a number of successful events for both male and female colleagues since its institution. These events have not only helped our people to further strengthen their leadership traits but have also contributed towards creating a healthier lifestyle and a better work-life balance. Guest speakers and practitioners have delivered talks on Project Management, Leading and Managing people. Some fun activities were also scheduled around leadership where participants had the opportunity to learn about managerial and leadership qualities like risk, time management, resource planning, influencing people, customer focus and so on by going through a series of games in teams. One event that had a huge success was on how to spend quality time with children and this event was facilitated by child psychologist.


The Network aims at hosting a community event benefiting members of the public at large each year. The 2010 community event was around Preventive Health Care and screening which was held in the month of October with the help of a well known private clinic. Over 500 members of the public were screened and advised on life style by doctors and nurses during this one-day event. The health screening was also extended to Ceridian colleagues who further benefited from a reduced cost for further tests in case these were required.

As Ceridian Women's Network closes its 2012 calendar of activities, the Steering Committee is already bubbling with new ideas for 2012 where we would like to plan events relating to conflicts management within the couple, grooming for professionals, relaxing and exercising in the work place and quarterly talks on health and quality of life.

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