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Payback Foundation / CSR

Who we are
Payback is Ceridian's registered charity for giving something back to the disadvantaged youngsters within our community. The charity focuses on raising money and sponsoring needy children, in terms of medical equipment, medical treatment and education, within Mauritius.

Our background and what we do
Payback was initially founded by our UK entity long before Ceridian implemented in Mauritius. In 2003, Payback was officially launched by the Senior Leadership Team and a social event was organized among employees, in that respect, as commemoration.

The newly created Payback committee hit a few challenges to implement the UK model in Mauritius however this did not deter the committee to give up and along with the assistance of the UK team they persevered to make Payback what it is today. We now have our own constitution and are registered with the Registrar of Associations as a Foundation.

Then came our first case and it was treated with utmost dedication by the team. It was about a 15 year old boy with hearing difficulties, whose parents were unable to afford his treatment. Payback donated hearing aids to the boy. This heart touching gesture is still engraved in the mind of our colleagues who were present at the time of donation. Tears of joy from the boy's mum convinced the Payback team that they were doing a wonderful thing and this spurred them further to help disadvantaged children of the community.

The Payback Foundation exists to financially assist deserving and disadvantaged youngsters and we support individual children, as part of an ongoing and long-term relationship to help them develop and improve their lives. We also support institutions that work for the benefit of children, such as schools and youth groups.

Although Payback is administered by the company, it's funded entirely through voluntary donations by employees and fundraising activities. Please be part of Payback, which can help change the lives of children we know.

Payback is funded entirely through voluntary donations and through fundraising activities by employees. Payback will always need your time, dedication and assistance to exist so we can change the lives of more children, because we care...

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Telephone No : +230 454 4036